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 Mastercam X Intro to 3D Surface Modeling

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Learn How to Create Basic Mastercam 3-D Surfaces for 3-D  Model Designing and Machining

With an understanding Basic Surface Modeling, you will be producing 3-D models in no time, you will also have a better understanding for fixing Bad surfaces that my be corrupt from an imported part file bad surfaces cause headaches when adding toolpath. 3-D work Space will make more sense when designing in 3-D work space.

This video contains 31 DWG file  and over 30 videos 12 surface techniques and around 100 minutes of expert training.You will be able to follow along with the part files included at your pace.

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  • 2D 3D construction Planes
  • Ruled Surface
  • Loft Surface
  • Revolved Surface
  • Sweept Surface
  • Net Surface
  • Coons Surface
  • Fence Surface
  • Offset Surface
  • Flat Boundary Surface
  • Fill Holes Surface
  • Draft Surface



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