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Rotary Contouring & Indexing For Mastercam V9

Rotary indexers and “live“ rotary axis add-on’s are becoming inexpensive options to your machining center. Learn how to get the most out of your rotary axis or indexer. Gain a competitive advantage by taking control of your Rotary axis machine. Watch these lessons right on your computer screen and learn the "Tip's & Tricks" to do your rotary machining work more efficiently. These PC based lessons require a basic understanding of simple Mastercam contouring and drilling functions. More valuable than a training class, because you can watch it over and over, this CD is equal to 2-3 days of intense classroom training. You could never get this kind of training from a book.


In these videos you will see the actual Mastercam screen at a 1024x768 high resolution. This is a full screen diaplay of the Mastercam system. Listen to the instructor walk you thru the process and explain the short cuts that will save you time & make you money.

 5 Hours of video instruction, narration and powerful tips  from a  18 year veteran Mastercam user and instructor. Learn at you own pace. Review as often as you like. Train new users when it's convenient. Watch as much or as little as you have time for.

Learn 2 different techinque’s for doing rotary contouring to produce a part like the one pictured here. Learn how “Flat Layouts” can be wrapped using Mill Level 1. Machine the same part as a solid model.

Indexing to machine multiple planes (faces) & multiple parts on multiple faces. Learn how to set “named” planes with selectable fixture offsets and multiple zero points. The tutorial includes examples of vertical and horizontal machining.


Learn the concepts of producing rotary dies. Rough the clearance areas of the cylinder &  finish the die using tapered tooling.


Use the Multiaxis - Rotary4X toolpath to produce full 3D rotary contouring on multi-surface models. Learn how to control radial and axial motion and tool tilt.

Along with rotary contouring, you’ll learn about drilling on cylinders. See how Solid Drill will automatically create construction planes while it creates drilling operations for non-radial holes.

Video & web based tutorials cover the basics of post modifications. There are 2 Fanuc compatible posts to do vertical A axis & horizontal B axis machining. Both support indexing and contouring. Sample drawings are provided for you to practice on and test your results.

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Requirements: Your system should have 8x speed or better CD rom, 1024 x 768 video resolution, sound card & speakers. You do not need to have Mastercam on your system to view the videos. You will need it to use the included machining library and drawing files. You can also use this with a Mastercam Demo Disk.

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