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Start Up Video Training For Mastercam X


Mastercam X Start Up CD - Click Here To Order

Lessons for a “Quick Start”  into the workings of Mastercam X. This CD will be valuable to any new user and also contains information on updating from V9. Learn the principles of this amazing new platform from CNC Software.

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  • How To Update Your Posts, Tool & Material Libraries From V9.
  • Geometry Construction Using “Live” Entities.
  • Menu & Screen Navigation.
  • Step By Step Construction Of A Complete Part.
  • Tool Path Procedures:  Contour, Drill & Pocket.
  • Learn How To Customize the Right Mouse Button Menu (RMB Menu).
  • See The New Chain Manager & Learn The New Selection Techniques.
  • Changing Colors, Styles & Other Attributes Functions.
  • Controlling & Configuring The Toolbars.
  • Zip2Go: The New Mastercam Support Utility


Learn about the new Mastercam sketcher & explore the techniques used to completely draw this part. Including Solid Modeling! Learn about selecting a Machine Configuration. Create the complete tool paths for Contour, Pocket & Drilling. Copy Operations in the Operations Manager. Verify the tool path and post the NC code.
This CD Rom runs in 1280 x 1024 resolution. Exactly the same full screen resolution you’ll be running your Mastercam X. A sound card & Speakers are required. Contains over 2 hours of hi-resolution video, with high quality audio narration.


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