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Rotary Contouring & Indexing For Mastercam X


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Rotary indexers and “live“ rotary axis add-on’s are becoming inexpensive options to your machining center. Learn how to get the most out of your rotary axis or indexer. Gain a competitive advantage by taking control of your Rotary axis machine with our Rotary Contouring & Indexing  Multimedia Training CD.

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  • How To Create Rotary Output From a “Flat” Layout.
  • Creating Geometry For Rotary Machining.
  • Rotary Contour Toolpath Parameters.
  • How To Do Indexing Work For A-Axis & B-Axis Mills.
  • Multipart/Multisided “Tombstone” Machining.
  • Create Custom Tool Planes & Construction Planes.
  • Automatic Creation Of Tool Planes From Solids.
  • Rotary Transformations Of Toolpaths.
  • Includes a Fanuc Horizontal B-Axis Postprocessor


Indexing to machine multiple planes (faces) & multiple parts on multiple faces. Learn how to set “named” planes with selectable fixture offsets and multiple zero points. The tutorial includes examples of vertical and horizontal machining.


Learn about Multisurface Rotary 4X contouring. Control the Tilt and Finish of the rotary machining. See how Solid Drill will automatically create construction planes while it creates drilling operations for radial hole patterns.




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