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Everyone knows that learning by example is the best way to learn. Watch these Mastercam V8 lessons right on your computer screen. Learn the "Tip's & Tricks" to do all of your contouring and drilling more efficiently. These PC based lessons were developed for the 1st time user AND the guy who has been using Mastercam for years.


In these videos you will see the actual Mastercam screen at a high resolution full screen 1024x768 or at 800x600. Listen to the instructor walk you thru the process and explain the short cuts that will save you time & make you money.


Over 500 MB of high quality video screens. Almost 3 hours of video instruction, narration and powerful tips  from a  16 year veteran Mastercam user and instructor. This package also includes Web based training, for a self paced, step by step learning process.


These lessons cover functions like....
Function key & Hot key demonstrations. The basics of navigating the menu system.

Learn how to use the right mouse button for faster view changes and importing custom machining libraries.


Learn all of the ways to Chain a profile. Learn to select contours and drilling locations by color, level, plane, style and geometry type.

Overview of the menu choices used in the Contour, Drill and Pocket menus.

How to machine a typical 2D "flat" Cad drawing, start to finish.


How to select machining contours and drilling locations from 3D wireframe.

How to select machining contours and drilling locations from 3D Solid Model.


Machining all sides of a part without rotating the workpiece.

Shifting  the zero point for machining, multiple faces of the part. Indexer work. AND MORE....


The web based tutorials cover the basics of post modifications, principles of horizontal machining and how to modify your screen colors.  Sample drawings are provided for you to practice on and test your results. There are 3 Fanuc compatible posts provided as samples. These posts do 3 axis vertical,  vertical with A axis indexer and a  horizontal with B axis indexer.


Learn how to Plot the included function key template for your keyboard.


Learn how to Center drill, Drill & Tap a group of holes all at once. There are sample machining libraries included for “Inch Taps”, “Metric Taps”, “Cap Screw Holes (Cntr drill, drill & Ct bore)”, “Pocket Rough”, “Pocket Finish”, “Face Milling” & “Contouring”.


Personal, Professional Training
Anytime You Want It For
Only $175.00


Requirements: Your system should have 8x speed or better CD rom, 1024 x 768 video resolution, sound card & speakers. You do not need to have Mastercam on your system to view the videos. You will need it to use the included machining libraries and drawing files.



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