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3-D Training CD

Take control of your Mastercam Mill Level 3 system, with our 3D Surface Machining CD.

With an understanding of the 3D tool path styles available in Mastercam Level 3, you can create efficient machining operations. Learn how to get the most out of your Mill Level 3 programming system and gain a competitive advantage. Watch these lessons right on your computer screen and learn the "Tip's & Tricks" to do your 3D surface machining work more efficiently.
  • Importing Parasolid Models For Machining.
  • Selecting Solids & Surfaces For Machining.
  • Roughing Toolpath Options.
  • Finishing Toolpath Options.
  • Scallop, Contour, Parallel, Radial & More.
  • Creating Curves For Containment Boundaries.
  • Tolerance Settings & Arc Filtering.
  • Gap Setting & High Speed Options..
  • Creating & Machining Text On Surfaces.
  • Backplot & Verify Toolpaths.
  • Includes A Fanuc Compatible Postprocessor.


Parallel Toolpath examples of surface machining. Learn how to use the Tolerance and Arc Filter settings to optimize your toolpaths  into arcs (rather than 3d lines), for smoother contours and smaller programs.

Learn how to import Solid Models and convert the solids to surfaces. Create edge curves from the model and use those curves to containment boundaries.

See the variety of toolpaths available for surface machining and learn how to select the right one for the job.


This CD also covers the 3D principles to completely machine this “case cover” part (shown to the left). Roughing, Contour Finishing, Leftover machining.

Flowline Rough & Flowline Finish are covered along with the more superior Finish Blend toolpath (shown below).

Lessons for setting the system defaults will show you how to fine tune your toolpath values.

Learn how to arrange the toolbars & create your own custom screen configurations