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                                    Lathe Post Processor Editing



Why Are you changing the g-code in the posted output from Mastercam?

Let ESS professional Post writing staff help with any of your post editing, from 2-Multi-axis Lathes, this will save your company time and money and your company will get the most out of your investment of your software.

We can custom write or edit your post Processor over the internet or onsite, On-site we will test it before we leave to make sure the g-code is coming out the way your operator  would like to see. This will help eliminate costly errors to your machine and tooling by manually changing the program.

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Or call Steve Arteman At 847-356-3287


        Files we require when we get to your facility to edit your post processor will be as follows:

        • .MC9 or .MCX file with the toolpath saved with it.

        • .pst file the post processor file this is found in the Mill directory.

        • .TXT file the text file should be found with the post in the same directory.

        • Version X we will need the Machine definition and control definition found in the CNC_machines Directory

        • .NC file this is the file you should mark up in the editor to show us the changes you   would like to make to your program.